International Medical Society (IMS) is a recently created medical organization aimed at promoting the collaborative study of human diseases around the world.

IMS promotes international excellence in research, practice and education in the healthcare professions across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.  IMS, working with other organizations, supports teachers and institutions in their current educational activities and in the development of new approaches to curriculum planning, teaching and learning methods, assessment techniques and educational management, in response to advances in medicine, changes in healthcare delivery and patient demands and new educational thinking and techniques.

IMS  promotes excellence in medical education, research and clinical practice internationally by:

  • Promoting the sharing of information through networking, conferences, publications and online activities
  • Identifying improvements in traditional approaches and supporting innovation in curriculum planning, teaching and learning, assessment and education management
  • Encouraging research in the field of healthcare professions education
  • Promoting the use of evidence-informed research, practice and education
  • Setting standards for excellence in healthcare professions research, practice and education
  • Acknowledging achievement both at an individual and an institutional level
  • Recognizing the global nature of healthcare professions research, practice and education
  • Influencing the continuing development of healthcare professions through collaboration with relevant national, regional and international bodies.

We provide a broad range of actions, educational activities and opportunities for doctors and allied healthcare professionals. Indeed we are one of the largest providers of continuing medical education worldwide. We provide accredited courses for continuing professional development, which is so vital in allowing doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare professionals their continuing freedom to practice. We also aim to promote an exchange of information and ideas on the science and practice of medicine, both within the health professions and with responsible and informed public opinion. As the world’s health care systems continue to evolve, the IMS is dedicated to ensuring sustainable physician practices that result in better health outcomes for patients. This work is captured in the IMS’s strategic plan, which aims to ensure that enhancements to health care worldwide are physician-led, advance the physician-patient relationship, and ensure that health care costs can be prudently managed.

Vision & Mission

The IMS aspires towards the elimination of diseases worldwide. The IMS is dedicated to advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in the developing and developed world.

It will achieve this philanthropic mission through collaborations, meetings, publications, outreach, and other activities that:

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of early recognition and treatment of every disease
  • Connect professionals interested in any disease around the world
  • Support research to achieve optimal care of ill people
  • Provide medical education and training worldwide; and ultimately
  • Reduce the frequency and impact of diseases and their associated conditions


The IMS:

  • Values new knowledge and is committed to excellence in research, education, and patient care in the developed and developing world
  • Will always act in a way that is politically neutral, humanitarian, and culturally diverse
  • Values collegiality and interaction and is committed to diversity in membership, governance, committee structure, and programmatic activities
  • Is committed to the scientific basis of medicine and to advancing knowledge across all geographic, national, racial, religious and economic conditions
  • Values the needs of doctors and their patients and is committed to achieving optimal standards of care worldwide

Diversity Statement

The IMS embraces the principles of diversity and believes that appropriately emphasizing the diversity of our organization and of our teams will make for a stronger, smarter, and more effective IMS.


IMS is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a General Secretary plus a list of Vocals.

  • General Secretary: Dr. Guillermo Yanowsky-Reyes, Mexico


  • Mr Ankit Raj, India
  • Dr Kavitha Nagandla, Malaysia
  • Dr Makhlouf Ait Aider, Algerie
  • Dr Barthelemy Diouf, USA
  • Dr Ömer Engin, Turkey
  • Dr Karel Petrak, Argentina
  • Dr Demet Alay, Turkey
  • Mr Havyarimana Aimable, Burundi
  • Dr Adenike Ogunshe, Nigeria

Scientific Committee

  • Dr Demet Alay, Turkey
  • Dr Karel Petrak, Argentina
  • Dr Ömer Engin, Turkey
  • Dr Barthelemy Diouf, USA
  • Dr Emad Abdallah, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Kavitha Nagandla, Malaysia
  • Dr Abdelmoughit Echchaoui, Morocco
  • Mr Ankit Raj, India
  • Dr Jose Martinez-Mas, Spain
  • Dr Amel Bouacha, Algerie
  • Prof Otto Sankey, USA
  • Dr Adenike Ogunshe, Nigeria