Technical Report

International Archives of Medicine follows a double-blinded peer-review system. Two reports from external and independent reviewers are requested at least. Reports are checked by Section Editor, who takes a decision based on these reports. The decision can be reject, request major changes, accept after minor changes or accept. Usually, manuscripts are rejected when a report points major deficiencies in the methodology of the work. In this case, the review process ends at this point; authors wishing to submit again the work should address these deficiencies, write a new manuscript and start a new submission. The Section Editor request changes to authors in cases where reviewers' comments and suggestions are recoverable. Authors have to submit a new version of the manuscript along with a letter explaining the changes or the reasons why they have not included these changes. This new version of the manuscript is reviewed by the same reviewers who reviewed the original version. If they find the new version satisfactory, it is accepted; otherwise a new round of corrections is requested.
In case of controversy among reviewers or between reviewers and authors, it is the Section Editor who decides based on the reports of both sides. In hard cases or in those with potential ethic conflict, the case is elevated to the Editor-in-Chief.