Obtaining intraoral subepithelial connective tissue graft: Dermabrasion Technique- Case report

  • Marcelo Pereira Nunes
  • Luís Fernando Pereira Nunes
  • João Carlos Bittencourt Ribeiro
  • Roberto Mourão Pinho UFPE
  • Camila Agra de Souza
  • Rayanne Soraia Aguiar de Melo Dias
  • Renata Cimões


Objectives: The present study aims to describe the dermabrasion technique to obtain connective tissue rich in collagen, with satisfactory thickness and anatomy, removing the epithelial layer with diamond drill in high speed handpiece and under refrigeration.

Materials and Methods: A 50-year-old patient was selected for immediate dental implant (element 25) and soft tissue augmentation in the periodontal and peri-implant region. An epithelial connective tissue graft was performed in the area comprising elements 23, 24, 25 and mesial of 26. For the preparation of the donor area of the graft, the dermabrasion technique was used through a spherical diamond drill bit (medium or thick granulation) in high speed and under refrigeration, being able to remove the epithelium without losing part of the subepithelial layer.

Results: The healing process is by second intention and presented a normal evolution with formation of adequate tissues.

Conclusions: The Dermabrasion technique allows to obtain adequate grafts, removing the epithelial layer in a simple way and guarantee the desired thickness.


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