Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Older Adult with Free Gingival Graft: Case Report

  • Marcelo Pereira Nunes
  • Luís Fernando Pereira Nunes, Prof
  • Djalma Pereira Nunes Filho, Prof
  • Roberto Mourão Pinho UFPE
  • Renata Cimões, Prof


Aim: The aim of the present study was to perform the clinical evaluation of the thickness of the soft tissue around dental implants using a free gingival graft obtained from the palate.

Background: Rehabilitation in elderly patients improves physiological functions and quality of life, and when this rehabilitation involves a surgical stage, it becomes a challenge, even for more experienced surgeons.

Methods: a 64-year-old, white, female patient with a complaint of difficulty chewing and discomfort stemming from her dental status. Rehabilitation was proposed involving a multidisciplinary approach to reestablish esthetics, function and wellbeing. For such, 4.1 Bone Level Tapered® implants were installed. During the presurgical preparation, a free gingival graft was planned to increase the gingival area using the Miller technique. After establishing the suitability of the oral environment, impressions were made in alginate for the fabrication of an acrylic surgical stent to protect the donor site on the hard palate and minimize the morbidity of the surgical intervention.

Conclusion: In the case reported, the increase in the gingival tissue using a free gingival graft provided satisfactory peri-implant health in an older patient  throughout annual follow-up for 15 years.


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