Midaortic syndrome and hypertension in childhood revealed by enuresis: a case report

  • Meriem Boumaaz Cardiology Department – Mohammed V Military Hospital of Rabat. .
  • Iliyasse Asfalou
  • Maha Raissouni
  • Aatif Benyass
  • El Mehdi Zbir



      Middle aortic syndrome (MAS) results from a diffuse narrowing of the distal thoracic or abdominal aorta commonly involving both the visceral and renal arteries. Congenital, acquired, inflammatory, and infectious etiologies have been described. Symptoms occur within the first three decades of life. Revelation modes are dominated by hypertension, lower extremity claudication, and mesenteric ischemia. We herein report a pediatric case of MAS with an original revelation mode that has never been described before in medical literature.


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