Unusual Combination Of Vascular Variations In The Retroperitoneal Region. A Morphological Study

  • Humberto Ferreira Arquez Colombian Association Morphology.


Background: Blood supply of kidney and gonads is characterized by the presence of variations, which are usually silent and unnoticed until they are found by retroperitoneal surgery, radiologic examination or necropsy. Multiple renal vessels are no longer relative contraindication for laparoscopic donor nephrectomy, however of their presence may help avoid possible complication on a patient with these variations. The purpose of this morphological study was to analyze the frequency of supernumerary renal and testicular vessels and describe an unusual combination of vascular variations in the retroperitoneal region.

Methods and Findings: A total of 18 cadavers with different age group and 10 visceral blocks were used for the study in the Morphology Laboratory of the University of Pamplona. Multiple anatomical variations bilateral of testicular vessels and renal were found during routine dissection in a 65-year-old male cadaver. The variations found were: bilateral presence of three renal arteries and three renal veins. The three left renal arteries are divided and gave rise to seven branches: the left main renal artery originates two branches; the upper branch originates four branches and the lower branch originates one branch. Retro-aortic left renal vein. Three left testicular artery and double right testicular artery all originating from accessory renal arteries.

Conclusions:  Awareness of renal and testicular vessels anomalies is essential for decreasing the rate of accidental injuries in surgical procedures in the retroperitoneal region as well as aid in diagnosis of diseases associated with vascular variation in the posterior abdomen. An understanding of the morphology of renal and testicular vessels is necessary in uroradiology, Doppler imaging and computed tomography studies.

Author Biography

Humberto Ferreira Arquez, Colombian Association Morphology.
Professor Human Morphology, Medicine Program, University of Pamplona
Morphology Laboratory Coordinator- University of Pamplona


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